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My name is Klaus Campos, BSN, RN, I have been working within the healthcare world for a while now, first as a patient transporter for the radiology department, where I got to explore all sectors of the hospital. 

I then became a PCA (CNA) and started working in a cardiac telemetry unit, I was exposed to an amazing group of nurses that influenced me to seek my degree in nursing, (also had some lazy ones that served as motivation to get my degree and stop working under their supervision). 

Once I obtained my degree and license I was privileged to work with the same group of nurses that influenced my career choice. I learned innumerous lessons from the Cardiac Special Care Unit staff. 

I then became a travel nurse, I cherish this decision because, I now have the opportunity to learn and see how different hospitals operate, different management styles and meet new people, taking little lessons learned from each one to wherever I go next. 
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